Catalog styles & layouts

  • Catalog types
  • Layout methods

Catalog pages created using EasyCatalog are typically either flow-based or grid-based.


  [auto parts – 2 column example]

Ideal for publications comprising a single flow of text where products are placed one after the other, adding extra pages as required.

Flow-based catalogs are usually single column (full page width), though 2 and 3 column options are possible.

Automation is achieved using EasyCatalog’s ‘Paginate into Text Flow‘ functionality.



Ideal for catalogs using a more defined, hierarchical layout.

Grid -based catalogs are usually based on a 2 or 3 column grid, or a complex grid (e.g. 8 columns x 12 rows; 12 rows x 12 columns).

Laying out a grid-based catalog with multiple, flexible grid items on the same page often requires complex data manipulation to ensure gaps aren’t unnecessarily included on the catalog page.

Automation is achieved using EasyCatalog’s ‘Paginate at Page Guide Positions’ or ‘Paginate at Positions Specified in the Data’ functionality.