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Opening EasyCatalog documents on other computers

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Documents created with EasyCatalog can be opened and edited in a copy of InDesign that does not have the EasyCatalog plug-ins loaded. However, any changes made to the content of the document may cause problems if the document is subsequently re-opened in EasyCatalog.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in broken links in your document. If you have any questions please contact us before you open your document on another computer.

If you have users that need to edit the content of EasyCatalog-created documents that must later be updated again using EasyCatalog, either:

Download and install the demo version of EasyCatalog on the editing computer. This will ensure that all EasyCatalog links and data are preserved.

Download and install the EasyCatalog ‘Reader’ plug-in on the editing computer. This plug-in is available free of charge and will ensure that all links are visible in the document and remain intact.

These programs may be downloaded from

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