A duplicate key was detected

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This error message is returned when you try to load or synchronise data containing one of more duplicates to your EasyCatalog panel.

Having this message return means that your records are no longer unique – whether you are using a single key or composite key (made up of multiple fields). The error message will return the first duplicate record it finds, along with the values for the one or more key fields delimited between the pipe (|) character.

Investigate which record is duplicate using this key info supplied in dialogue. If possible, change the record within the data to remove the duplicate. If this is not possible then you will need to re-create your EasyCatalog panel and choose more fields to uniquely identify each record. (We will add more information regarding how to transfer across your existing custom fields and configurations in a separate tutorial).

How EasyCatalog uses a key field

EasyCatalog requires a way of uniquely identifying records on the page. It does this by referencing one or more fields as a “key”. In a simple catalog where each product is included in the catalog only once then the key can be set to the Product Code / SKU field. In catalogs where a product can appear in the catalog more than once then you need a better way to reference each record – adding a unique record for each product instance, or if this is not possible then utilising a composite key (possibly combining your primary and secondary category fields with the product code). Note that key fields can’t be changed after an EasyCatalog panel is created.

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