How to create a package of your EasyCatalog files

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Creating a “package” of your EasyCatalog files is the preferred way of sharing your workflow elements with a third-party (including instances where you may wish to share your files with Catalog Automation Pty Ltd, creators of the Catalog Tips website). The package created by EasyCatalog is similar in nature to the InDesign feature with the same name.

Generating a package for EasyCatalog copies the following to a separate folder:

  • Your current EasyCatalog panel
  • A snapshot of your current data source
  • Your current EasyCatalog library

Once the package has been created the folder can easily be shared by Dropbox, or email (size depending).

To create an EasyCatalog package:

  1. Go to the information icon to the bottom left of your current EasyCatalog panel.
  2. Choose ‘Package’ from the top left of the ‘Information’ popup.
  3. Select the folder name and location and click ‘Save’. (Be sure to remember the location where the folder is saved.)
  4. Optionally, compress this folder as a Zip archive (or similar).
  5. Your EasyCatalog package is now ready to be shared or filed for reference.

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