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Which table of contents method is right for my catalog?

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Creating a table of contents is one of the most rewarding features to add to your catalog, and one of the most immediate benefits resulting from automating your catalog production.

Manual creation

Creating a table of contents manually requires the copying and pasting of headings and page numbers. Any changes to the location of products or the desired headings need to be manually updated within the table of contents – a serious limitation for a detailed product catalog.

Automated creation

Automated using Table of Contents feature within InDesign

InDesign offers an easy-to-use table of contents (TOC) featured based on cross-referencing to different headings created as paragraph styles. This method is suitable for creating a hierarchical reference of all relevant categories. Manually placed content (e.g. at the start or end of a catalog) which utilizes the same heading styles will automatically be included within the table of contents.

Learn more by reading our Creating a table of contents using Adobe InDesign guide.

Automated using EasyCatalog

Using EasyCatalog to create your table of contents or index gives you access to more advanced options, most notably the inclusion of product records including pricing and other summary information.

Learn more by reading our Creating an index using EasyCatalog guide.

Selection guide

Software Content order Level Detail within TOC Inclusion of non-automated headings Hyperlinks within document/PDF Bookmarks within PDF
  • Same order as catalog content
  • Re-ordered by product code/name*
  • Category or product specific
  • Heading name (exact match to text contained within source paragraph style)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Same order as catalog content
  • Re-ordered by product code/name
  • Re-ordered by brand
  • Re-ordered by any grouping available within data source
  • Category or product specific
  • Heading name (exact match)
  • Product code, product name, pricing, etc
  • No
  • Yes
  • No

* Requires specific InDesign paragraph styles to be setup. Handling of multiple/duplicate codes may not be suitable.

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