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FOLDERDEEPSEARCH – Search path (include subfolders) for file

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This Custom Field searches a given path for a matching file in the same way as FOLDERSEARCH, but also searches any sub folders.

A number of regular expressions can be supplied, the first match is returned.


FOLDERDEEPSEARCH(‘FolderPath’, FIELDSTR(code)_Front.*.jpg)

Element Description
FolderPath The folder path (including any subfolders) to be searched.
FIELDSTR(code)_Front.*.jpg The file(s) being searched for.


FOLDERDEEPSEARCH(‘Macintosh HD:Images’,FIELDSTR(my_image_field))

In this example the Custom Field will search ‘Macintosh HD:Images’ and any subfolders (e.g. ‘Macintosh HD:Images:Cars’ or ‘Macintosh HD:Images:Bikes’) for the image returned by FIELDSTR(my_image_field).

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