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XREFFIELD – Return value of field from another record

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This Custom Field searches the data source for a record whose field content matches a given value, and will return the value of another field for the found record. It returns the first instance found.




Element String
SearchField The name of the field to search in.
SearchValue The value to search for in the ‘Search Field’
ReturnField The name of the field to return from the matching record.
DataSource The name of another EasyCatalog data source to search within. This option applies to the Search Field and Return Field parameters; the Search Value will be retrieved from fields in the current data source. This is an optional element.



This example will search for a record whose ‘PartNo‘ field contains the value of this record’s ‘XRefPartNo‘ field. When one is found, the contents of its ‘Page‘ field will be returned.


XRefPartNo Description Page
A1 Door handle 1
B1 Hinge 1
B2 Phillips Head Screw 2


PartNo Page
A1 1
B1 1
B2 2

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