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Actions, Comparison Operators and Special Field Names [-]

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Actions are evaluated at pagination time, and allow you to affect the appearance of boxes within your Product Style based on the data being paginated.


Actions consist of two parts: an expression to evaluate (e.g. if the price field is greater than 100), and an action to perform if the expression is true.


For alphanumeric fields, operators such as ‘Starts with’, ‘Ends with’, etc are available. Numeric fields must use the numeric operators such as ‘Less than’, ‘Greater than’, etc.



No action

Bring to Front

When the action evaluates to ‘true’, the box will be moved to the front of the document z-order. This action is the equivalent of using the Object→Arrange→Bring to Front menu option.


The box will be deleted when the action expression evaluates to true.


If the action evaluates to true, this Product Style will be ignored by the Pagination module, causing another Product Style to be chosen (if available). Using this attribute it is possible to have multiple Product Styles configured which the Pagination Module can choose from during pagination based on the contents of one of your fields, for example.


Available in the CS4 and CS5 versions only, this attribute will show or hide the box if the action evaluates to true. If the action later evaluates to false the opposite action will be taken. To hide the box in CS4, the box is set to ‘non printing’ and is transparent; later versions takes advantage of InDesign’s ability to hide and show individual page items.

Comparison Operators – Alphanumeric fields

For fields defined in Field Options as ‘Alphanumeric’ use the operators listed in the top of the operators pop-up


Doesn’t Contain


Is Not

Starts With

Ends With

Doesn’t Start With

Doesn’t End With

Is Empty

Is Not Empty

Operators – Numeric fields

For numeric field types, including currency types, use the operators shown at the bottom of the operator pop-up.

Greater Than

At Least

Less Than

Not More Than


Not Equals

Special Field Names

Reserved field names can be used as the field name in actions:

Field Description
positioningroup Provides the index number of the record being paginated within its parent group – i.e. the first record would have an index number of 1, the second would be 2, etc.
groupcount Provides the number of records in the group being paginated.


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