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Page Orientation – Specify use on left-hand or right-hand pages

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Specify whether the library element should be placed on left-hand pages, right-hand pages or both.

For example, using this Pagination Rule allows you to create two library versions – the first with images to the left of the text and the second with images to the right. This will result in all images appearing to the outside of the page.

Importantly, this choice is limited to the initial pagination. It will not dynamically update if any manual resizing of product elements within the document causes the content to reflow.


Library element will be used on left-hand pages only.


Library element will be used on right-hand pages only.


Library element will be used on any page. This is the default setting.


Paginate using Apply Pagination Rule to Depends on Insert method
Into Text Flow Outermost text box or group As Inline
At Positions Specified In The Data Any box within the library element Frame Contents
At Page Guide Positions


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