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Apply Swatch From Field – Apply colour by name or hex value

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A nominated field can either contain the name of a swatch to apply to the box or a hexadecimal value that specifies an RGB colour to use – e.g.


If the field contains ‘My Swatch’, the swatch called ‘My Swatch’ will be applied during pagination time; if the field contains ‘#FF0000’ the box will be coloured red. The format of the field content should be:


where RR is a hexadecimal value for the red component of the colour; GG is the green component and BB is the blue.


Paginate using Apply Pagination Rule to Depends on Insert method
Into Text Flow

At Positions Specified In The Data

At Page Guide Positions

Any box within the library element

Outermost text box or group

As Inline

Frame Contents


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