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Managing data updates

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EasyCatalog includes powerful functionality including the ability to update data on the page if the source data is refreshed. However, it is very important to understand the limitations of EasyCatalog, e.g. when information should be refreshed or repaginated.

It is generally accepted practise to remove/replace data driven pages instead of manually overriding text on the page. This also best practise with the source data remaining the single source of truth for all content.

When to update

When data changes – e.g. a spelling mistake is corrected or a sentence is changed – proceed with a data refresh / update document. The relevant text on the page will change to the updated text. All formatting etc should remain. You may need to re-check page breaks etc if updated text is considerably longer.

When to repaginate

When data is added (or removed) – e.g. a new race meeting, new races are added or a race or meeting is deleted – the relevant content should be removed and replaced by choosing the relevant data and choosing “Paginate”.

Manually editing

While text may be manually edited on the page, any text that has been edited between the blue EasyCatalog field specifiers will be overwritten if a data update has been performed.

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