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Tidying your data with EasyCatalog data cleansing

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EasyCatalog includes a powerful find and replace function to allow you to transform data within the EasyCatalog Panel, prior to it being used to create automated content.

Data cleansing is configured via Field Options > General > Cleansing Options and may include references to InDesign characters and regular expressions.

Data cleansing is particularly useful where source data is difficult to modify.


Number examples

Description Sample Syntax
Strip whole dollars 25.00 = 25, 101.30 = 101.30 .00=;


Text examples

Description Sample Syntax
Replace all text CA with Catalog Automation CA=Catalog Automation;

InDesign special characters

Code Description
^# Auto Page Numbering
^8 Bullet •
^^ Caret ^
^2 Copyright Symbol ©
^- Discretionary Hyphen
^k Discretionary line break
^{ Double Left Quotation Mark “
^} Double Right Quotation Mark ”
^_ Em Dash —
^m Em Space
^= En Dash –
^> En Space
^\ End Nested Style
^f Flush Space
^| Hair Space
^i Indent To Here
^n Line Break
^~ Nonbreaking Hyphen ‑
^s Nonbreaking Space
^p Paragraph Break
^7 Paragraph Symbol ¶
^r Registered Trademark Symbol ®
^x Section Marker
^6 Section Symbol §
^[ Single Left Quotation Mark ‘
^] Single Right Quotation Mark ’
^t Tab (Left Indent)
^y Tab (Right Indent)
^< Thin Space

Regular Expressions

EasyCatalog also includes advanced functionality to edit data regular expressions using the REGEX: syntax.

The REGEX: syntax is similar to other regular expression functionality found in other operating systems / languages such as Perl, PHP or similar.

The syntax used within EasyCatalog and Adobe InDesign is slightly different to that of other operating systems – e.g. the ^ character needs to be used twice to distinguish between a regular expression and Adobe InDesign’s method for addressing special characters (e.g. ^p is a paragraph character, ^n is a new line character).

Common Regular Expression operators

Description Sample Syntax
Find at start of field ^^
Find at end of field $

Regular Expression examples

Description Sample Syntax
Remove all paragraph markers at the end of a field REGEX:^p$=;
Remove all tab characters at the start of a field REGEX:^^^t=;
Convert to ordinal number (1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd, etc) REGEX:^^1$=1st;REGEX:^^2$=2nd;REGEX:^^3$=3rd;REGEXV2:^^([\d*])$=\1th

For detailed information and more advanced REGEX examples, please refer Using regular expressions (REGEX) with EasyCatalog data cleansing.

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