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Introducing EasyCatalog

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What is EasyCatalog?

EasyCatalog is a complete data-driven publishing solution, allowing users to create content automatically within InDesign by merging pre-designed libraries with product information contained within a database or spreadsheet. This process is not unlike mail-merging a letter.

EasyCatalog can be used to design catalogs, pricelists, brochures, directories and other structured publications.

EasyCatalog includes powerful tools to assist you in creating well-designed layouts that can easily be repeated to create hundreds of catalog pages within a matter of minutes.

Key software features

  • Provides a link between the product database and the content, alerting users to any changes as the source data is updated.
  • Allows you to easily manage links to product and category images, including highlighting missing images.
  • Data may be filtered and grouped to allow you to create content relevant to a particular section of your catalog.
  • Provides an option to allow you to push updates back to the source data.

Features of an automated catalog

  • Different layouts may easily be applied to different products and/or categories.
  • Data is easily formatted e.g. as currency, number, HTML/rich text.
  • Images may be linked to a folder or DAM (digital asset management) reference
  • Easily create table of contents, product indexes and other cross references

What do I need to get started?

To begin automating your catalog you will need:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • EasyCatalog
  • Product data
  • Product images/drawings
  • An idea of your proposed catalog layout

Learn more about beginning your automated catalog journey with our Getting started with your automated catalog guide.

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